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What is a Qowa top?

A Qowa (pronounced Ko-wa) top is an African themed contemporary apparel, which originates from Western Africa. Though it is sometimes likened to the Mexican poncho, the Qowa maintains its uniqueness by incorporating the spirit of Africa into its core. Taking its roots from as far back as the pre trans-Atlantic slave trade era, the tops were believed to have been worn by the local tribes of Niger, Benin, Burkina Faso, Northern Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan. It is originally made of tweed; a fabric that was specially woven in looms by hardworking women, especially for their husbands. It has a cut out side, to enable the circulation of air around the torso. Because these people  lived in the tropics, closer to the equator, the climate (which was generally hotter than other regions all year round) didn’t favour the donning of sleeved clothing. The richer locals (Kings and royals) would wear kente cloths to show their (royal) status and the men would wear apparel which would not just look good, but would also be comfortable enough for someone who would most likely walk in the sun all day. The light-weight nature of the Qowa makes it a better alternative for anyone who is in such regions. One major upside of the Qowa is the array of colours and designs in which they come. Unlike the traditional smock and batakari (fugu) tops, the Qowa is lighter, inexpensive and prettier, with more colour variety and design customisability. 

Currently, the Qowa is not only available in Tweed. There are many fabrics to choose from. Ranging from Wool, Fleece for people in colder regions, refined tweed, raw cotton (for intermediaries) and polished cotton, polyester (for those who need that extra comfort from heat) etc, the Qowa can now be donned by people from any race, in any geographical location and by any gender. 

What do I gain from buying a Qowa?

Whenever you purchase a Qowa, you are not only connecting to a rich heritage of Africa, but also helping an underprivileged African rise up. A greater percentage of our sales goes into CSRs that help young Africans emerge from the shadows of poverty. Not only are you owning a piece of the African continent in beauty and innovation, but you are also investing in the future of the richest continent in relation to natural and Human Resources 

What is a Qowa Regular, Qowa VIP and Qowa Celeb? What is the difference?

Qowa VIP

Our original Qowa tops, the ones that existed in the beginning; made of raw, unrefined, woven tweed or mud cloth are what we call the VIPs. These are of high quality and are very rare. The designs of these kinds of Qowa are barely repeated. over the past years, we have achieved a massive record of ensuring that the Qowa VIPs stay unique to their owners and are worth the purchase. In 2016, we introduced the Qowa Burb. A Qowa VIP made of either wool, fleece or a similar feeling fabric, to satisfy the demands of our customers in cooler regions of the globe. These also cost the same as their predecessors (VIPs).


The Qowa VIPs are sometimes not limited to fabric but sometimes come in the form of a very rare design, color or … yes you guessed right,…fabric. These are Qowa tops that exist one in about 800. They are barely seen and they pull out that “wow” factor.  These are the Qowa tops classified as the Qowa Celeb. The naming of these Qowa tops should not be confused with the likelihood that they are meant to be worn only by celebrities. These Qowa tops are in themselves the celebrities. They are designed to stand out and not to fit in. It is not surprising that we restrict the sale of these limited edition tops to just a certain group of people, at a certain price range. This is because…well, good things don’t come cheap. To own any of these, one must be a registered member of the Qowa Inc. circle. Meaning, it cannot be sold out to strangers. Just like a DaVinci painting, Qowa Celebs are not exposed to the mercy of onlookers.


Qowa regular.

As the name suggests, this is most likely the Qowa you saw being worn by that guy on the subway, or the girl at the coffee shop, or those college students you saw at the game. Being our most popular Qowa range and our bestseller, the Qowa regular is mostly made from regular fabrics: refined (light) tweed, polished cotton, raw cotton, polyester, etc. They cost less and though they are extremely popular, they still maintain their own level of uniqueness; varying in color and design. They usually serve as a starter purchase for most people and a backup Qowa for others.


How do I order products on SHOP?

Browse for your favorite products, add them to cart, then use one-page checkout to get them delivered to your house. You can also use Quick Buy to instantly purchase only a specific product that you love. Very simple and easy to use.

How do I search for a product?

Searching for your favorite products is made simple on our online store. You can use search bar on our menu headers, or on any search bar. You can also use Live Search to both save your time and instantly see search results.

Do I have to pay for my order in full?

Our payment gateway is trustworthy with various certificates. However, for any order over GHS1000, you can choose to pay in full or just make a partial payment. When our delivery personnel brings package to you, you can pay the balance due. Now you can get any item you like on our store without having to make one-time payment. We hope that this flexible payment option makes you content. Happy shopping!


Is the ordering process secure?

We never share your personal information for any other purpose than order delivery. All your information are kept secured on our shop. Moreover, our payment methods are always secured. You can make payment using credit card, Visa/Mastercard, on Stripe and PayPal. We are also pleased to offer the traditional Cash On Delivery option

How do I purchase items in my shopping cart?

To get your items on the shopping cart delivered to your address, directly proceed to checkout. Here you can choose either traditional multi-step, or one-page checkout (which is far more short and time-saving). Enter your contact details, choose one delivery method, and delivery informations to let us know where we can deliver the order to you. We also allow for order pick-up. This can be arranged over phone call

I'm having shopping cart problems. What do I do?

If you have any problems while using our shop, please let us know via our contact form. You can also call us via the hotline number (+233248093893) at the bottom of on Shop page. Our support team will fix any problems for you in less than 12 hours (for customers in Ghana),and up to 24 hours (for customers out of Ghana). We are always here to assist you.

Preferred Customer

What is a Preferred Customer or a Qowa Celebrity?

A preferred customer also usually referred to as a Qowa Celebrity, is a customer who has a total order value history out of GHs3,000 or has been explicitly referred to the brand by a preferred customer via their Qowa Celebrity ID. Each time you complete an order on our site, you can see your total order value (including shipping, VAT, and other fees), with total remain order value to reach the preferred customer account.

How do I register to become a Preferred Customer (Qowa Celebrity)?

In order to be referred to as a Qowa Celebrity, you’d need to have a total order value history of GHs3,000 or should have been referred to our brand by another Qowa Celebrity. We will automatically notify you when you are eligible for a Preferred Customer (Qowa Celebrity) account. In the meantime, your total order value is always saved on your account. So you can easily check the remaining order value needed to reach Celebrity status.

What if I forget my Preferred Customer (Qowa Celebrity) ID?

In case you forgot your your Preferred Customer (Qowa Celebrity) ID, please follow the instruction, or contact us via email or hotline to reset your password. If you think that your ID has been hacked, please directly email us to recover your account.

Shipping & Delivery

What are your local delivery charges?

In Ghana, our delivery charges vary, based on the location of the customer. If at the time of purchase, the customer is in proximity to one of our sales representatives, delivery costs will be considerably lower, or even inexistent. Within Accra, delivery charges usually range from GHs 15 to Ghs25.

Outside Accra, a customer who doesn’t purchase through our regional representatives might be required to pay for dispatching of product to parcel office and also pay for the charges of the parcel. VIP orders and wholesale orders (bulk purchase of 25 pieces of Qowa tops and above), usually are not allowed to pay for dispatching of their items. Customers, should please verify their delivery charges before items are dispatched.

Our Qowa Celebrities however, get a free nationwide delivery on all orders from our stores.

Do you do international delivery? And how much does it cost?

Oh yes; we ship outside Ghana. Our international deliveries are usually handled by 2 companies; Ghana Post (usually cheaper, but slower) and FedEx. These are used because they are reliable and cost less. These services are charged based on the country to which an order is being shipped and also, the weight of the items. Customers are advised to verify and confirm their preferred means of shipping after checkout. 

If a customer however decided to employ another means of delivery, he/she may do so, at their own risk. Qowa Clothing will not be responsible for any loss, damage or delay caused by this action. The customer must inform their sales assistant in time

Can I pick up my order myself?

Absolutely. If you think you’re too unoccupied and can manage the traffic situation in Accra, or you think you are close by, you can pass by ours and pick up your order, free of charge. Customers are however to note that pick ups do not include asking a sales representative to meet you halfway. In such a case, the customer would still be charged a fee, since it records under our service rules as a delivery.